Players in Teams - FAQs

The purpose of this guide is to answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions we get in regards to how a user assigns players to teams and how they are available in certain API calls.

The API calls listed below are available in the standard API Calls Documentation.

Livestream API - Pre Match Call

The Pre Match livestream call is used to determine which match details for a given streamKey.

People in the teams section of this call are returned based on the following order of responses:

When is this call used ?

Used pre-match to determine the roster of players available for selection in the match.

API - Match Players

The Match Players GET call is used to get a list of the players in a match. These are people who have basically been given a Person Match Statistic record with periodNumber=0 and periodType=REGULAR

This call has the an option to pass a teamId to limit the response to a single team.

When is this call used ?

Generally used after a match to get a list of the players who received statistic records.

API - Persons

The generic persons API call has a series of GET list calls that return a series of people.

The list of people records returned completely depends on a series of required & optional parameters.

The calls available are (overlayed with any extra parameter filter listed above):

These above series of GET calls also have optional paramters such as:

When is this call used ?

This series of GET calls are generally used to return simple lists of person records matching the appropriate filters.