Warehouse Release Notes

Version v2.33 Released May 2018

  • New module for recording person Injuries
  • New Sport Volleyball added to REST API calls

Version v2.32 Released April 2018

  • New field shirtNumberAway for Away Shirt Number defaults in competition player default section, if blank it will default to shirtNumber
  • New fields primaryClubId & teamClubId returned in Comeptition Leaders calls if club linkages found

Version v2.31 Released March 2018

  • New field primaryTeamClubId, primaryClubId & teamClubId returned in Person Comeptition Statistics if club linkages found

Version v2.30 Released February 2018

  • New person fields sportCountry & sportCountryCode. These don't have country validation (free text)
  • New field clubId & teamClubId returned in Standings call if club linkages found

Version v2.29 Released February 2018

  • staffOrder Staff Order added to the officials element in the prematch call

Version v2.28 Released January 2018

  • Minor internal logging and debugging

Version v2.27 Released December 2017

  • Person GET API Documentation missing query filter parameters for firstName, familyName
  • Venue POST, PUT API Documentation missing ratings key
  • Fix API Internal Equation Manager with small floating point numbers
  • Basketball Competition Format "Fouls Before Bonus" default to 4
  • New Match Staff Type TECHNICAL_DELERGATE
  • Once a match is COMPLETE, the standard "Non-Live" Standings build is kicked off if Standings Configuration configured for the competition
  • Ability to recalcuate match statistics from Play By Play change

Version v2.26 Released November 2017

  • calculateOnlyLive New Standing Configuration option to only update liveStanding=1 rows
  • liveStandings fix if curent=1 passed
  • New Staff Type CREW_CHIEF

Version v2.25 Released October 2017

  • uniqueCheck query paramter added to some calls to check for externalId uniqueness on POST/PUT calls
  • Advanced Standings sort options added to standing configuration
  • personExternalId, teamExternalId, clubExternalId, competitionExternalId, venueExternalId variables added to response body of certain calls to help access the foriegn table externalIds

Version v2.24 Released August 2017

  • matchTimeURL added to Pre Match call
  • API routes for new roles functionality. A person can be assigned to a role (job) such as PRESIDENT for a club/team/competition.

Version v2.23 Released July 2017

  • scoreboardName added to Pre Match call for Players
  • roundNumber and poolNumber return all values if no default passed
  • Additional Basketball shot action types
  • Documentation issue fixed around required fields
  • Better handling of matches call if no teams exist in a match
  • Documentation change to mention roundNumber defaults to 0

Version v2.22 Released July 2017

  • timeoutsAllowed new field in Competitions Format for Basketball
  • Team Logo added to Statistics and Leaders calls
  • IOC Country code for Singapore changed to SNG
  • IOC Country code for Kosovochanged to KOS
  • Standings filter parameter liveStanding assumed to be 0 if not provided in GET standings call
  • American Football added to warehouse for initial testing
  • New Person Career Statistics Rebuild API Route

Version v2.21 Released June 2017

  • championshipPoints added to Standing Configuration sort options
  • New API route to Build a Competitions Standings that includes live matches
  • updated Date/Time field fixed in Statistic GET calls
  • Fix of the Basketball Team Efficiency Formula
  • schedule added to Pre Match call
  • New API calls for new Team Merge functionality
  • Ability to rebuild Person Career Statistics if they are no longer in a match

Version v2.20 Released May 2017

  • Ability to generate custom period types by sport
  • standings added to Pre Match call
  • New Round Statistics API calls added
  • New Standings Configurations API calls added. Moving towards ability to create Standings online.
  • New Standings Adjustments API calls added. Moving towards ability to create Standings online.
  • New Standings Build API Post Call to build a competitions standings if above Standing Configuration exists
  • Fixed an error where FORFEITAGAINST was not being accpeted in a match POST/PUT
  • Statistics by Period call routes changed (periods path added).
  • Extra Match Action coordinate fields x1, x2
  • Extra Standings fields scoredForHome, scoredForAway, scoredAgainstHome, scoredAgainstAway, playedHome, playedAway
  • Football added to warehouse

Version v2.19 Released February 2017

  • Extra Standings fields forAgainstRatioHome, forAgainstRatioAway, last5Home, last5Away, standingPointsHome, standingPointsAway, pointsDiffHome, pointsDiffAway, streakHome, streakAway, homeDraws, awayDraws, inPoolDraws, inConferenceDraws, inDivisionDraws, inPhaseDraws, outPoolDraws, outConferenceDraws, outDivisionDraws, outPhaseDraws
  • Fixed issue with Standings field pointsDiff not saving
  • Extra fields added to PreMatch callcompetitionNameInternational, competitionAbbrevInternational, venueNameInternational, venueCodeInternational, venueNicknameInternational, teamNameInternational, teamNicknameInternational, teamCodeInternational
  • Extra Countries added WalesXW, EnglandXE, Northern IrelandXI, Scotland XS

Version v2.18 Released January 2017

  • Spelling mistake in GET teams in a competition route URL.